More on sham peer review

Dr. Lawrence Huntoon, who was our guest on Ep. 37, has just returned from Jerusalem where he gave a talk at the UNESCO’s 13th World Conference on Bioethics, Medical Ethics and Health Law.

In this talk, Dr. Huntoon relates some of the most outrageous examples of hospital sham peer review.  Some of these cases  have involved not only threats but also plants of false evidence (guns and illicit drugs) and even skillful slashing of tires to possibly cause injury or death of a whistle-blower doctor, all perpetrated by goons hired by hospital administrators!

If you want to check out the documentation on the shocking case of Dr. Michael Fitzgibbons, for example, read the references in this piece by Dr. Huntoon.  Dr. Fitzgibbons was eventually awarded a $5.7 million verdict, but no criminal charges were ever levied against the perpetrators.

Also, don’t miss the great resource page put together by AAPS to protect yourself from sham peer review, as well as the physician hotline that you can use if you suspect you are being set up.

The link to our podcast episode is here, and here is Dr. Huntoon’s talk in Jerusalem.


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