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Ep. 86 Tales of a Recovering Hospital CEO


John Chamberlain

Hospital executives with a conscience may have a tough time navigating the corrupting waters of our healthcare system. Mr. John Chamberlain is a self-described “recovering” hospital CEO with over 35 years of experience as a hospital and physician practice executive. In this interview with Anish Koka, he relates how his attempts to do right by the patient became increasingly arduous.

Mr. Chamberlain eventually saw the light of free market medicine and currently serves as Chairman for Citizen health, an organization dedicated to “rebuilding healthcare for the next generation.”


John Chamberlain. Twitter


Citizen Health’s website


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  1. Ricky on 10/22/2019 at 10:29 PM

    It is good to hear a former hospital CEO that acknowledges the average cost of care is not nearly as high as the cost on the patient’s bill.

    The MRI scan example of the $300 free standing imaging center cost vs $2800 insurance deductible when scan is done at a hospital was very telling. To me it shows the common mindset of people fully in allegiance of a system without questioning it.

    I know big chain hospitals are gobbling up smaller practices but I believe there is a quiet trend of doctors looking to provide top quality service with cost in mind for their patients and we have more patients that understand that too often high prices are just 3rd party price spikes that aren’t based on market reality.

    We are figuring out how to make healthcare more affordable by simplifying the doctor/patient relationship and showing that a lot of hospital fees are nothing more than illegitimate markups meant to put money in the pockets of board members.

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