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Ep. 67 Are Doctors Selling Themselves Short?

Arvind Cavale, MD

The lure of physician employment seems irresistible and, on the surface, the arguments to justify it are also compelling.  But are physicians selling themselves short? Are they really better off if they become employees of the hospital?  Do they become more efficient?  Are they putting themselves in ethical quandaries?  And what is the way forward when the forces at play seem so overwhelming?

Our guest is Dr. Arvind Cavale, an entrepreneurial endocrinologist form Pennsylvania who is bucking the trend with great success, showing that small private practice can remain nimble, adopt technology, and deliver high quality care efficiently.  He shares with us his experience and tips for political advocacy.


Arvind Cavale, MD: Twitter and practice website


Anna Wilde Matthews and Melanie Evans. The Hidden System that Explains How Your Doctor Makes Referrals.  (in the WSJ, December 27, 2018)

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