Ep. 43 Doctors and Guns: Where Is the Lane?

Pradheep Shanker, MD

Should doctors have something to say about guns?  If so, what should they say?  A position paper by the American College of Physicians, followed by a blog post and a tweet from the National Rifle Association, have set off a storm of controversy on the issue of medical professionals speaking publicly about guns and gun control.

Our guest today is Pradheep Shanker, a radiologist based in Ohio and a prolific writer and conservative commentator who contributes regularly to a number of major national media outlets, including National Review, The American Spectator, Ricochet, and others.  He just published a piece entitled “Guns, Doctors, and Staying in Your Lane.”


Pradheep Shanker, MD. Twitter


Pradheep Shanker.  Doctors, Guns, and Staying in Your Lane.  (article in Ricochet)

Reducing Firearms Injuries and Death in the United States: A Position Paper from the American College of Physicians (free access in Annals of Internal Medicine)

NRA blog.  Surprise: Physician Group Rehashes Same Tired Gun Control Policies


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