Ep. 203 Why Non-Compete Clauses Turn Patients Into Property, with Amy Doherty

Our guest is Dr. Amy Doherty who was issued a restraining order from her former employer for allegedly violating a non-compete clause. She received the order a week after opening her new practice in an underserved area.


Amy Doherty: Practice website, FaceBook page, and personal blog


  • “Divine Savior suit seeks to stop doctor from opening a Portage practice” (report in the Portage Daily Register)


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  1. Lysander Spooner on 04/01/2022 at 8:12 AM

    This looks like a case that might interest the Institute of Justice (www.ij.org). IJ is a non profit that helps people like Dr Doherty fight ‘legal’ restrictions on trading. I suggest that Dr Doherty gets in touch with IJ.

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