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Ep. 2 Francis and Accad on EBM

We have a fun chat with Professor Darrel Francis, from Imperial College in London and the UK’s National Heart and Lung Institute.  Dr. Francis takes the “pro” side and Michel the “con” side in regards to evidence-based medicine.


Darrel Francis’ Twitter handle and website


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  1. Anthony Perry on 10/08/2018 at 9:34 PM

    Just listened to this one. Dr Francis’ acceptance of the idea that EBM is a useful tool for controlling government funding of medical care is chilling. He accepts the idea that overall spending on medical care should be a function of the state’s budget, subject to the various political winds and in competition with all the other various government expenditures, rather than freely reaching the level at which it is valued by the citizenry. It is sad that such an absurdity is these days taken as axiomatic. Where would we be if spending on, say, communication had been managed this way.

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