Ep. 196 Taking a Stand Against Brain Death

Our guests are Drs. Paul Byrne a pioneer neonatologist and Dr. Christine Zainer, an anesthesiologist from Wisconsin. Drs. Byrne and Zainer discuss their involvement in the care of patients with severe brain injury, particularly those given a diagnosis of “brain death.”


Paul Byrne: Website


  • “Dr. Paul Byrne: From preemies to end-of-life issues, one man has made a difference.” (article from Celebrate Life magazine by Rob Sample)
  • Doyen Nguyen: The New Definitions of Death for Organ Donation and Transplantation: A Multidisciplinary Analysis from the Perspective of Christian Ethics (Amazon link)
  • Michael Potts, Paul Byrne, Richard Nigels Beyond Brain Death: The Case Against Brain-Based Criteria for Death (Springer)


  • Ep. 35 Why Brain Dead Isn’t Dead: An Introduction to “Shewmon’s Challenge.” with Alan Shewmon, MD
  • Ep. 45 Brain Death at the Bedside with Fred Rincon, MD
  • Ep. 145 Diagnosing Brain Death: Clinical and Legal Quagmires with Doyen Nguyen, MD, and Alan Shewmon, MD


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