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Ep. 156 The Push for Nurse Practitioners on the Frontlines of Healthcare

Our guests are Rebekah Bernard, MD and Niran Al-Agba, MD, authors of a soon-to-be-published book examining the rise of nurse practitioners and physician assistants in healthcare.

Dr. Bernard is a family physician from Fort Myers, Florida. She is board member of Physicians for Patient Protection, an organization calling for more transparency regarding the difference in training between physicians and non-physician providers.

Dr. Al-Agba is a board-certified pediatrician in private practice in Washington State. She is a prolific writer who speaks widely and openly on a variety of issues, including policy, ethics, and medical practice. 


Rebekah Bernard: Twitter and website

Niran Al-Agba: Twitter and website


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Niran Al-Agba and Rebekah Bernard: Patients at Risk: The Rise of the Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant in Healthcare (Amazon link and book website)


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