Ep. 146 Diagnosing Brain Death: Clinical and Legal Quagmire

Our guests are Doyen Nguyen, OP, MD, STD and D. Alan Shewmon, MD. They join us to discuss troubling development on the legal treatment of brain death.

Dr. Nguyen was previously an academic hematopathologist and is currently a Catholic moral theologian and bioethicist. She has authored books and articles both in medicine and in moral theology/bioethics and authored a 600-page monograph that takes a critical look at brain death from a variety of perspectives.

Dr. Shewmon is Professor Emeritus of Pediatric Neurology at UCLA. His work, comprising decades of well-documented clinical observations and reflections, is now known as “Shewmon’s challenge,” a compelling rebuke to the principal arguments put forth to defend the concept of brain death.



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