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Ep. 106 Geoffrey Rose’s Untenable Theory of Population Health

Geoffrey Rose published The Strategy of Preventive Medicine in 1992 and thus gave birth to the “Population Health” movement. This podcast episode critically examines Rose’s influential ideas.


Geoffrey Rose The Strategy of Preventive Medicine (Amazon)

Geoffrey Rose. Sick Individuals and Sick Population. Reprinted in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization (open access)

Michel Accad Moving Mountains: A Socratic Challenge to the Theory and Practice of Population Medicine (Book website)

Slide deck for the talk presented at the 2018 AAPS meeting. The talk is available on YouTube here.


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  1. Ruth Fisher on 02/02/2020 at 7:19 PM

    Rose’s conceptualization of health conveniently eliminates any self-responsibility for an individual’s health and wellness. It’s an extension of the trend in society toward increasingly transferring financial responsibility for patients’ health from the individual patient to the rest of society.

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