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Ep. 149 James Lindsay: Critical Race Theory, Post-Modernism, and Medicine

An American-born author, mathematician, and political commentator, Dr. James Lindsay has written books spanning a range of subjects including religion, the philosophy of science and postmodern theory. He is the co-founder of the website New Discourses and is currently promoting his new book “Cynical Theories”. Enjoy a wide ranging discussion on the Post-Modern movement and how it impacts Medicine


James Lindsay: Twitter and New Discourses Web page


Amazon book link: Cynical Theories

John Stuart Mill Essay: On Liberty

Anish’s article in Quilette on the Real Gender gap in Cardiology:

New Discourses website:

Podcast on race and estimated GFR:


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  1. Frank on 10/12/2020 at 5:08 AM

    Great Podcast!
    I liked it.
    The most powerful part was when you said Knowledge is what we tell you it is!
    I see so much of that when it comes to Covid-19
    It’s as if they have forgotten the scientific method.
    challenge ideas!
    Using one sided science for political power is disgusting.

  2. magnus on 10/12/2020 at 6:36 AM

    Great interview, thank you.
    James Lindsay, along with Helen Pluckrose & Peter Bogosian are heroes in the fight against the precepts of “Critical Race Theory” that is engaged in the decimation of pillars supporting western culture.

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