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The Question of Trust in the Healthcare Debate

As could be expected, our podcast with Adam Gaffney on the merits of a single payer system has led to many arguments on Twitter, none of which were particularly productive at persuading one side or the other. However, at the end of a back-and-forth that I had with Dr. Mark Hoofnagle, an academic trauma surgeon…

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The Tough Case Against Medicare-4-All

I just listened again to our episode with Adam Gaffney making the case for Medicare-4-All . It was a fun conversation.  I think Anish and I highlighted well some of the problems with the progressive left’s proposal but at the same time there’s no question that many people will continue to find the single payer agenda…

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Key Problems for Report Cards

I found our conversation with Bobby Yeh extremely stimulating (Ep. 19 Public reporting: necessary evil or harmful fake news?). It’s not often that I get outflanked by Anish on the question of regulation and health policy!  But I was persuaded by Bobby’s argument that refining outcome measures can be helpful to mitigate the damages that…

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