About The Show

Accad and Koka Candid Shot

Let's push back, but let's not forget to have fun!

This show was started on a whim, as videotaped conversations between the two of us, which we put on YouTube.  The videos attracted the attention of some of our colleagues, so we began inviting guests to chat about/debate the issues of the day.  It was immediately apparent that the length of the discussion was better suited for podcast format, so here we are (the video episodes will continue to be posted on YouTube).

We both blog regularly and we greatly enjoy and respect each other's views on health care.  We share a similar distaste for the way our overlords are running (or ruining) medicine for patients and doctors alike, and we do our best to point out the absurdities coming down the pike from either academia or the world of health care policy.

We plan to bring interesting guests to the show on a regular basis.  We're happy to bring on folks who share our philosophy as well as folks who vehemently disagree with us, but we always strive for a spirit of conviviality.  When no guests are available, we enjoy poking fun at a recent paper or a policy news item.

Although the two of us don't always see eye-to-eye on everything, our outlook is definitely pro free-markets, anti-regulation, and for a restoration of the traditional doctor-patient relationship which has been greatly eroded over the last several decades.

We hope you'll enjoy the conversation, and feel free to drop us a note or a comment if you have any suggestion or item to share.