Healthcare has gone mad!

Absurd health care policies, upside-down economics, evidence-based dogmatism, voodoo medical ethics...That's what we're subjected to!

But take heart.  This podcast is for you.

This is a show for all those who love medicine but have grown weary of this vast boondoggle called the health care system.

We produce an episode twice a week and we regularly bring in guests that we put on the hot seat.

We discuss current topics in medical science, policy, economics, and ethics, always with an eye toward safeguarding the doctor-patient relationship.

We bring fresh, provocative insights that resonate with physicians in the trenches who are determined not to let their passion for medicine be ground to a pulp.

Illegitimi non carborundum!

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"Brilliant, both in content and conduct...the best podcast for physicians out there" G. Keith Smith, MD

Your Hosts

Michel Accad, MD

I practice cardiology and internal medicine in San Francisco.  I have joined the growing "direct care movement" of doctors who have said no to third-party contracting and who wish to restore sanity to the doctor-patient relationship.

I blog and publish regularly in a variety of academic journals.  I wrote Moving Mountain: A Socratic Challenge to the Theory and Practice of Population Medicine.  I also have interests in philosophy and economics.   My blog is called Alert & Oriented.

Anish Koka, MD

I'm among the last holdouts in solo, independent cardiology practice in Philadelphia.  I began my career naively believing that healthcare policies could carry the day.  Unfortunately, I quickly came to realize those policies invariably produce results opposite to what they claim to aim for.  For example, Accountable Care Organizations are neither accountable, nor organized.  And, they're certainly not caring!

I started to push back against harmful policies by putting pen to paper.  I write about my experience as a practitioner in the trenches, trying to do what I think is best for my patients, while navigating the insane roadblocks put on our paths. You can follow me on Twitter by clicking below.

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